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5 Super Foods to Slow Aging

Written by KD Gates


Do you ever wonder if eating certain foods can slow down or at least minimize aging? I sure do. After thorough research, I was able to find 5 super foods proven to slow the aging process. And best of all, they taste amazing!

#1 Dark Berries
Dark fruits such as blackberries and blueberries are rich in flavonoids and minerals and have been shown to minimize free radicals (nasty molecules designed to destroy skin), prevent photo-aging, and revive lack-luster skin.

#2 Nuts
Eating a diet “chock-full-of-nuts” daily can strengthen cellular walls, soften skin, minimize your chances of skin cancer, and help combat free radicals. A handful or two will do if you’re watching your weight and calorie-intake.

#3 Dark Chocolate
Do I hear “yum”? Dark chocolate, my absolute favorite chocolate in the world, contains an abundance of flavonoids. As with dark berries, flavonoids are proven to decrease dermal irritation, increase cell proliferation (the life of healthy cells), aid with micro-circulation underneath the skin, and minimize the appearance of premature wrinkles.

#4 Wild Salmon
This pink, flaky fish that tastes delectable when grilled or baked is rich in omega-3 fatty acids to help prevent heart disease, internal inflammation, and with continued intake can prevent certain skin conditions such as chronic dryness.

#5 Tea
When in doubt drink tea. Research shows drinking green, black, and white teas can help with aging. Thanks to their potent antioxidant properties and high concentrations of epigallacatechin-3-gallate, drinking tea daily can prevent UV damage, inflammation, the breakdown of collagen, and reduce your chances of both topical and internal cancers.

In addition to eating smart, knowing how to take care of your skin will also reward you with a more youthful appearance. That’s why I created the Celsaderm Skincare line, made with natural, healthful ingredients that promote radiant, more youthful skin. Here’s the secret behind every Celsaderm product:

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Cheers to healthy and happy skin!


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