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6 Proven Steps to Clearer Skin

Written by KD Gates



No Fragrance. Deleting fragrance and other irritating ingredients from your skincare and makeup products is the first step to clearer skin. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, irritants such as fragrance is the leading cause of contact dermatitis.


Lead the pack. Stop being a follower. Many blogs will recommend skincare and or beauty products based upon compensation without considering the safety of the products. This practice goes against your trust and the health of your skin. Just because a blog or YouTube video recommends a product, does not mean it’s a great product for your skin. Product recommendations should be based solely on extensive ingredient knowledge and safety.

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No Fads. Say NO to FADS —i.e., using lemons and lemon juice to brighten skin! Fads usually end up doing more harm than good.

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Skin type matters. Consider your skin type. Using products formulated for your skin type is vital. Using products created for a skin type other than your own will render unwanted results such as acne, redness, excessive oiliness, or dryness. Stick to what your skin needs.  Discover your skin type.


Miracle ingredients. It takes two or three or four. NOT one! Miracle ingredients are stronger together. Remember, skin needs more than one “miracle ingredient” to maintain its health. Using products with a combination of antioxidants, minerals, anti-irritants, and natural moisturizers will ensure clear skin.

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Less makeup. Don’t be ashamed of your appearance. Many times, those with acne and or blemishes will try to mask the problem with thick concealers and foundation, making the problem worse. Allow your skin to breath, clear up, and rest without makeup for a few days. Trust me; your skin will thank you. To help you, view my article 6 Simple Steps to Beautiful Skin.



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