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Seasons Change. Should Your Skincare?

By KD Gates, CEO Celsaderm Skin Care

Nov 12 2015

Seasons Change. Should Your Skincare?

We love the beautiful leaves, the nice breeze, and the captivating colors of fall, but as the seasons change, should your skincare? For some women, the answer is yes. For others, no. Because winter’s brisk air dehydrates skin, making dry skin drier, those experiencing dry skin will most likely need to change their moisturizer or incorporate a heavier, richer moisturizer in their daily beauty routine. For those with oily and or combination skin, changing your skincare routine is not necessary.

For women with oily and or combination skin types, excessive oil is a year-round problem, lessening your chances of experiencing dry skin in the winter. But like all things, including our skin, change is inevitable and at some point in our lives, drastic climate change will contribute to the natural behavior of our skin.

For a better understanding, in the summer, those with oily skin may notice a slight increase in oil due to the high humidity and heat of summer. Those with dry skin may experience dry, sometimes irritated skin in the winter while also experiencing changes in their innate skin type, such as a going from someone with dry skin to someone with extra dry skin. Drastic changes such as those previously stated, will require the implementation of greater solutions such as utilizing a humidifier to put loss moisture back into the air or using natural plant oils such as olive oil over your dry skin for extra hydration.

And because dry skin is more susceptible to damage in the winter, replacing antioxidants and natural moisturizing factors, two critical components vital to the structure and well-being of healthy, intact skin is extremely important. So to prevent further damage in the future, it’s essential to replace those lost components as often as you can. Using olive oil and other natural plant oils rich in fatty acids is a great place to start.

And while it’s natural to experience changes in our skin during seasonal changes, the idea of changing your entire skincare routine is not necessary. Think about it, would you replace your entire wardrobe on a rainy day? Absolutely not! So remember to keep your daily beauty routine simple and always listen to what your skin is trying to tell you.

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Cheers to healthy and happy skin!

Cheers to healthy and happy skin!

K.D. Gates \

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