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Why Vitamin C?

Written by KD Gates


Vitamin C, a powerhouse performer is your skin’s best friend when it comes to the prevention of early aging. Being a potent antioxidant, vitamin C helps to protect the skin from free-radicals - nasty molecules designed to cause premature aging and other forms of environmental stressors such as wind, and pollution. When applied directly to the surface, vitamin C provides stunning results.

Used daily, vitamin C helps to:
+ Reduce skin irritation, brown spots, and discolorations
+ Promote collagen production for firmer and smoother skin
+ Minimize wrinkles, making you appear younger
+ Reduce the harsh effects of stress and sunlight
+ Lessen inflammation and redness
+ Revive sallow, dull skin

In addition to its abilities to heal and strengthen, research has proven that when included in well-formulated skincare products, vitamin C can travel deeply beneath the skin’s surface layers to improve healing, repair damaged skin cells, and smooth the skin’s outer layer. In other words, say goodbye to chronic dryness, fine lines, and dull skin.

Forms & Stability

Like the numerous form of vitamin C, the stability of each form differ. Vitamin C includes ascorbic acid, L-ascorbic acid, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, ascorbyl palmitate, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, and ascorbyl glucosamine. When included in topical skin care products, both ascorbyl palmitate, and sodium ascorbyl phosphate are two stable and efficient forms of vitamin C, and when applied topically, all forms of vitamin C provide proven benefits and astonishing results for skin.

Note: Vitamin C like all antioxidants will lose its stability when exposed to air and light. In other words, if healthy, vibrant skin is your goal, purchase products packaged in opaque bottles and or tubes designed to minimize exposure to air and light. NO clear or jar packaging.


Vitamins alone are healthy choices to ingest and apply to the skin. However, if anti-aging is a concern, vitamin C is a fabulous choice due to its ability to promote healthy collagen production and minimize wrinkles. And like all potent antioxidants, vitamin C works best when combined with other antioxidants such as green tea, retinol, and vitamin E. For best results, incorporate vitamin C into your daily beauty regimen and follow with a well-formulated sunscreen 365 days a year.

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