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Magic Waters and Their Many Beauty Benefits

Written by KD Gates


Beauty mists are “miracles” in a bottle. Often called magic waters, beauty mists not only refresh dull skin, but they also work to hydrate parched, dry skin throughout the day. With proper formulation, these beauty waters effortlessly supply the skin with antioxidants, minerals, natural moisturizers, and other ingredients designed to protect and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier. They also provide a multitude of dual benefits.

Women love to use these mists, with their silky, feather-light texture, to prime their skin and set their makeup. In addition, with daily use, they work great at minimizing fine lines and reducing large pores. And because these mists feel so soft and are packed with natural soothing agents, they can also be used for calming irritated skin after shaving.

Mists designed for the face are light in weight, fabulous for all skin types, and easy to apply. Use throughout the day by simply spraying directly onto the skin. When misting, it’s beneficial to focus on the areas that are showing signs of stress and or irritation. The minerals and natural anti-inflammatories encased within the mist will help to reinvigorate the skin.

Another benefit that I love about beauty mists is their ability to deliver world-class assets such as hyaluronic acid, cell-communicating ingredients, and natural plant extracts directly to the skin with one mist. You can’t get that from most products.

Mists are simple, on-the-go beauty savers, and your skin needs them. Some of my favorites are: C-Aloe Oil Control Mist ( and Caudalie Grape Water ( Remember, mists designed for the face should be free of alcohol, as well as artificial and natural fragrances, essential oils, and witch hazel.

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