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Why and How To Use a Facial Mist

Written by KD Gates


Facial mists often called magic waters due to their ability to hydrate and soothe skin with one mist, are capable of supplying skin with powerful antioxidants, essential minerals, and soothing moisturizers to protect and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier.

And, because mists are light in weight, they're quickly becoming the new primers. In other words, you can ditch the greasy lotions and goopy creams to get your skin makeup-ready. For those dealing with pesky wrinkles or oil, used daily, these hidden gems work great at minimizing fine lines, reducing enlarged pores, and calming irritation. You can’t get that with irritating astringents!

Hence, are you getting the "magic" part of these waters yet? If you are, make sure to pick one up. And don't worry about your skin type, these mists are light-weight, fabulous for all skin types, and easy to apply. To use, just spray the mist directly onto skin, making sure to focus on the areas that are showing signs of stress and or irritation. The minerals and natural anti-inflammatories within the mist will help to reinvigorate and calm skin.

Mists are simple, affordable, on-the-go beauty savers, and your skin will thank you. Some of my favorites are Mist 1000x Weightless Hydration and Caudalie Grape Water (

Remember, mists designed for the face should be free of alcohol, as well as artificial and natural fragrances, essential oils, and witch hazel.

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