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New Celsaderm Skincare Line Launched!

Written by KD Gates


K. D. Gates, founder of Celsaderm LLC, has announced the launch of her new cellular-based skin care line for women of all ages.

Celsaderm, which means ”cells and skin,” works beneath the surface by targeting and repairing damaged skin starting at the cellular level. Because healthy cells generate healthy skin, the Celsaderm formulation works on repairing damaged cells. It also works on irritation, inflammation and breakouts in the surrounding area, which can add to the chaos below and on top of the skin.

According to Gates, more than18 years of skincare research, rigorous testing and formulating went into the Celsaderm product line. The ingredients are 100% guaranteed to be non-toxic, filler-free, gentle to the skin and free from alcohol, fragrance, dye, perfume, parabens, gluten and salicylates. She uses natural, certified organic ingredients, including cellular water and Celsaderm’s proprietary Care7 formulation to ensure that the skin receives the vital nutrition it needs to look, feel, and sustain health.

Gates says the foundation for all of its products is the Care7 formulation. “These seven components restructure the skin’s natural cellular pattern one cell at a time and reduces the visible signs of aging without the use of alcohols, dyes, fragrances and other irritants. Each of the Care7 ingredients are essential for your skin to look, feel, and be really healthy,” says Gates.

The seven components in Care7 are:

  1.     Antioxidants
  2.     Anti-irritants
  3.     Cell signaling substances
  4.     Intercellular substances
  5.     Minerals
  6.     Natural moisturizing factors
  7.     Vitamins

Many of these ingredients are referred to as “skin identical” substances -- natural elements of skin that everyone starts with at birth. With damage from UVA and UVB rays and harsh facial care products, these substances become depleted and sometimes destroyed. The potency of stable nutrients quickly works to repair, reform and reinvigorate damaged cells, which is the key to beautiful skin.

Gates’ theory behind Celsaderm: when applying ingredients capable of changing damaged cells, the formulation connects to the cell receptors telling the cells to behave and perform as healthy, normal skin cells should. Then a chain reaction occurs and the now healthy, newly formed cells communicate with other damaged cells enabling the healthy cycle to continue at a rapid pace.

“To replace lost substances, topical treatments must be used,” says Gates. “However, most products on the market are lacking in one or more of these ingredients, which drastically affects successful performance. Care7, the foundation of our entire skincare line, works to minimize this industry void by providing real care that closely reflects the structure of your own natural skin.”

Among the Celsaderm skin care line are brighteners, eye care, moisturizers, serums and treatments including Antioxidant Stem Complex, Hydra Sea Mist, Ultra Brightening Serum and C-Aloe Mist.

Celsaderm claims to be environmentally conscious and uses recyclable containers and shipping materials with no box packaging. Products are never tested on animals. As a small, woman-owned business, the company focuses on earning customer loyalty through emphasizing customer service. All products are sold on a Satisfaction Guaranteed basis.

To educate women on skincare issues, Celsaderm provides an informative report, 5 Secrets to Vibrantly Healthy Skin, as a complimentary gift to anyone who logs onto the website.

Believing that helping women and girls will change the world, Celsaderm has also committed to donating 2% of sales each month to honest charities dedicated to helping women.

“We don’t follow fads or make unfounded promises and our results are proof you can see for yourself,” adds Gates. “Celsaderm values you and your beautiful skin and will NEVER knowingly disappoint you. Our promise: If you're not happy with our products or service, we will do what it takes to make you happy.”

About Celsaderm
Celsaderm is a new skincare line for women of all ages based on an all-natural cell-to-surface formulation with a strong antioxidant foundation. To learn more about its unique Care7 formula and entire product line, visit