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A Holistic (Whole) Skin Focus

During this specialized consult, we'll unlock the following:

  • The problem
  • The root cause of the problem
  • How to fix the problem
  • Proven solutions to keep your skin healthy and happy

My Certifications


BSBA, MS CAM*, Certified in Complementary and Integrative Health

Peace of Mind

Other consulting services exist and as I'm typing this, new ones will show up. Please understand that there is a difference. Unlike many, I've never received compensation to rate a product. Nor am I a consultant for a big box retailer (Avon, Rodan & Fields).  This is extremely important. Many professionals are poorly trained, given pamphlets to read, or paid to rate products, often times over looking harmful ingredients and consequences of the product. This behavior not only ignores the health and happiness of your skin, it's misleading and violates your trust. When seeking healthy skin advice, make sure to use a real, caring, and renowned professional (such as myself)!

[ Your Expert Skin Consultant Should ]

  • Be an expert product formulator
  • Have extensive comprehension of skincare ingredients
  • Have years of knowledge behind them
  • Know skin typing and understand skin types
  • Thoroughly explain product ingredients and benefits
  • Create a proven routine

My Stats: BSBA, MS CAM*, Expert in Holistic Formulary, Certified in Complementary and Integrative Health

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A Different Approach

This unique 6-part consult is designed to make sure you receive maximum benefit and understanding from your time with me - a renowned expert in product formulation, ingredient analysis, and regimen breakdown.

Part 1: Online Skincare Questionnaire

Filling out this questionnaire will help me understand the nature of your problem, how the symptoms are affecting you, and your future goals and expectations you have for your skin.

Part 2: Holistic Skincare, Diet, and Lifestyle Consultation

This is the good part! During our face-to-face sit down, we will discuss your current skincare regimen, what products you're currently using, why you are not seeing positive results from those products, and how your diet and lifestyle choices could be affecting your outer appearance. I will also breakdown your new 30-day targeted skincare kit, a customized routine that is backed by science and proven to offer real results.

Part 3: Product Label Decoding & Ingredient "No No"

During this session, I will help you understand which ingredients harm the skin and which ingredients are beneficial to your skin. We will work together to understand why the words "green, natural and organic" doesn't always mean better.

Part 4: Thirty Day Targeted Skincare Regimen

Dealing with adult acne, blemishes, and breakouts can be frustrating, especially if you're using the wrong products. This targeted skincare kit is specifically designed with the health and happiness of your skin. It's free of alcohol, fragrance, essential oils, witch hazel, colorants, and parabens (ingredients proven by science and nature to harm skin).

Part 5: Sign the Jar

Because this extensive consult is designed to benefit you, signing the jar is a promise to commit to the routine outlined for you. This simply means that you will carryout what you have learned. Doing this will give you and your skin positive results.

+ During the close of your 6-Part Consult, you will know how to create a beneficial facial care routine, understand how your lifestyle and diet choices affect your skin's behavior, how to choose facial care and makeup products that are lease likely to cause problems, and confidently decode product labels.

Part 6: Follow Up via Email & Phone

After your consult, I'll email you an outline of your session. This will allow you to review everything we spoke about.

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Take-Away Tools

30-day Targeted Skincare Kit
Ingredient "No No" Pocket Sheet
Label Decoding Guide
Delicious recipes for clear skin
60-days Email Support (Ask me ANYTHING)

If you're interested in this extensive and beneficial skin consult, choose your date on the calendar as soon as possible. Calendar slots will fill up fast, as it's my goal to help others just like you.

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