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Rapid Bright Ultra-Brightening Serum
Rapid Bright Ultra-brightening Serum
Rapid Bright Ultra-Brightening Serum

Rapid Bright Ultra-Brightening Serum

$ 22.00

3 Weeks to Brighter!

Brighter skin in 3 weeks with Rapid Bright!  Potent and gentle, this lightweight super serum combines proven vitamins and nutrients to quickly erase stubborn dark spots and even skin tone. Remember, to see rapid results, use a sunscreen daily.  Hydroquinone-free.

Why Rapid Bright?

When you combine 4 proven brightening nutrients with powerful skin soothers and skin-protecting antioxidants, you get Rapid Bright.  If you look, you'll notice that most brightening products combine one or maybe to products to brighten skin with a whole list of irritating ingredients to counteract the brightening power.  Not with Rapid Bright.  You get both the brightening power of stabilized vitamin C, and the strengthening power of niacinamide (vitamin B3).  Rapid Bright not only brightens the skin, but it works to strengthen and protect as well.  You won't find this in most products.

Safe Sensitive

It's been proven over and over again, that fragrances, essential oils, citrus fruits / juices, alcohol, witch hazel, limonene, geraniol, and linalool, to name a few harms skin. Which is why we opted to leave those and countless more out.

The Benefits:
4: Fades dark spots and discolorations.
3: Heals and strengthens skin.
5: Calms irritation and soothes.

Skin Type: All skin types

SIZE: 2 fl. oz. / 59 ml

Our Clean Ethos

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And yes, we're bragging. With over 20 years of extensive research and education, Celsaderm is cleaner, backed by science, and proven.


Banana for acne. Onion for redness. Fads come and go. Great skincare lasts forever. Meet classically clean, skin loving skincare.


Great skin, plain and simple. Being an everyday beauty brand created by everyday women, our skincare is kind, affordable and cleaner.

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